Our Philosophy

As ISD Logistics, we produce customized solutions for the needs of our business partners by providing logistics services with high quality and operational excellence. We aim to be among the leading logistics service providers in Turkey by gaining a strong position in every part of Europe.

We strive to have a good and lasting reputation in the industry by using our experience, quality and operational flexibility in order to become a business partner that is trusted unlimitedly both by our business partners and suppliers.

In addition, we support our employees throughout their business processes and ensure that they have a work environment that maximizes their performance. We encourage our teammates to actively participate in all processes. In this way, we are constantly developing and always able to offer innovative solutions.

Our Expertise

Storage and Customs Clearance
Quality Control

Reliable Supplier

  • We dote upon your cargoes you entrusted to us for transport or storage.
  • We consider our customers as our business partners and we take care to build mutual trust in our relationships with them.

Strong Location

  • We use our strong connections at home and in Europe to ensure that your cargoes reach the destination with the most convenient route and in the fastest and most efficient way.
  • In addition to our infrastructure and equipment investments, we continue to strengthen our connections throughout Europe to ease our business partners’ burden.

Innovative Solutions

  • We closely follow the trends in the logistics sector and make a difference with our young and dynamic team.
  • In order to increase the performance of our colleagues, we create special solutions for our customers by creating the most suitable environment and keeping teamwork at the forefront throughout business processes.

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