Last Touch on Fashion in Logistics!

December 02 2019



Turkey plays an important role in the textile manufacturing and textile exports to Europe. Defects that may occur during production and that may be overlooked may negatively affect the upcoming export. ISD Logistics, offering logistics services between Turkey and European countries, makes the final checks of the products before export and supports the exporter by minimizing the defects that may occur.


Offering logistics services between Turkey and European countries, ISD Logistics makes a difference in textile logistics with its value-added solutions as well as its transport and storage services. The company, which is the logistics partner of the biggest fashion brands in Europe, carries out the final quality control of all textile products in its warehouse in Istanbul with expert teams. Then it sets them out to be delivered to the point of delivery.

Final Quality Control

Koray Yalça, CEO of ISD Logistics, said that the company makes the final quality control of all kinds of products, especially textile products, according to the AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) standards as per the demands of its customers and used the following statements: “Our team also has quality control engineers. Each one of them is an expert in their field. In other words, people who control cosmetic products and those who control textile and glassware products are different. In a sense, we also add engineering to logistics. In this way, we transport all products indefectibly to Europe.”

Yalça pointed out that they are very active in the transportation of hanging and parcelled textiles and stated that the textile sector is in a rapid and continuous transformation. He also underlined that there is no room for mistakes.



Express and Super Express Delivery


Explaining that the company serves the automotive, furniture, food and chemical sectors in addition to textile, Yalça emphasized that they have focused on transporting the products of the Turkish exporters to Europe in the fastest and safest way. Saying that they provide important advantages to their customers in order to use the road more efficiently, Yalça stated that they can reach Europe in 4-5 days with Express Delivery and in 3 days with Super Express Delivery.

Stating that they are preferred by big fashion brands for their success and the quality they offer, Yalça added that they will continue to invest in order to achieve operational excellence.