Furniture Logistics

The logistics of furniture is a process that requires as much craftsmanship as its production.

Just like the textile sector, the furniture sector has a trend of fashion within itself and is in a rapid transformation. In the furniture sector, which increases its share in the country’s exports each passing day, it is of utmost importance that product delivery is done in a timely and undamaged manner.

The most important feature that makes our country stand out in the furniture sector is craftsmanship. Unlike stereotyped productions, our design furniture by skilled hands is highly demanded. Our geopolitical position is also a big advantage in terms of fast delivery. Additionally, we are also in a position to make a difference with our development in forestry products which are the main raw materials of furniture and textile issues.

As ISD Logistics, we deliver the products of our exporters engaged in the furniture sector undamaged and on time to the destination and produce sector-specific solutions.

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